The Best of Friends program (an all volunteer 501(c)3 organization) provides therapeutic horseback riding for people with disabilities in the Cambria and Somerset Counties area.

The Best of Friends program has through its 35 year history provided not only therapeutic riding, which includes physical and psychological benefits for its various students over the years, but it has also provided a rewarding learning experience for its many volunteers. Quite often, the volunteers in the program have not been exposed to various disabilities and their affects on people. It provides a forum for non-challenged people to find out how special people with disabilities truly are and how they bravely deal with their various challenges on a daily basis. Additionally there are numerous volunteers who have not had the opportunity to work with or be around horses. The special training that these horses receive helps people to see how helpful these animals can be for people with disabilities. It also seems to be therapeutic for the volunteers as well! Proudly this program helps to bring the best of people and the best of horses together to do a very rewarding service.

Want to volunteer with Best of Friends?  Click HERE to download our volunteer forms.